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Updating adventure Comedy Mystery Wuxia Xianxia
Young Noble Be Monster Slaying
In an imposing mortal world where the Divine Nine and Terrestrial Ten immortal sects exist…

The world is beautiful and full of temptations, but cultivators ignore them and happily work toward becoming immortals.

When Chu Liang opened his eyes, he found he had become a disciple of the Mount Shu Sect and even possessed a wondrous treasured pagoda… Henceforth, he embarked on a path that he had never envisioned before.

As the morning mist rises over Mount Shu’s thirty-six peaks, what’s Chu Liang doing?

He’s slaying dragons eight thousand li away!

“Please, young noble, slay the monsters!”

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Young Noble Be Monster Slaying
256 chapters, 4 days, 1.32 MB
Young Noble Be Monster Slaying
256 chapters, 4 days, 1.76 MB
Young Noble Be Monster Slaying
256 chapters, 4 days, 1.93 MB
Young Noble Be Monster Slaying
256 chapters, 4 days, 1.05 MB
Young Noble Be Monster Slaying
256 chapters, 4 days, 6.02 MB
#1 - #256
4 days

chapters: #256 / #256

Status: stop
Chapter 256: The Sword God of the Falling Waterfowl Peak
2,599 words, 4 days
Chapter 255: Truly, It's Just One
1,879 words, 4 days
Chapter 254: On the Holy Mountain
2,078 words, 4 days
Chapter 253: How Powerful Could This First Place Be?
1,720 words, 4 days
Chapter 252: Wang Xuanling, where have you gone? Say something!
1,919 words, 4 days
Chapter 251: Run!
1,862 words, 4 days
Chapter 250: The Commencement!
2,256 words, 4 days
Chapter 249: All Members Must Participate
2,228 words, 4 days
Chapter 248: Which Pill Is the One
2,047 words, 4 days
Chapter 247: A Smack On the Head
1,707 words, 4 days
Chapter 246: First Attempt At Concocting
2,142 words, 4 days
Chapter 245: Unboxing Again
1,614 words, 4 days
Chapter 244: Trap and Annihilate
1,487 words, 4 days
Chapter 243: All of You, Kneel
2,014 words, 4 days
Chapter 242: Hush Money
1,743 words, 4 days
Chapter 241: As the wheel of karma turns, so does the heavenly law dictate: what one sows, one shall reap.
2,379 words, 4 days
Chapter 240: Mine Isn't That Round
1,498 words, 4 days
Chapter 239: It Said Yes
1,854 words, 4 days
Chapter 238: This Humble One is Fine
2,005 words, 4 days
Chapter 237: No Path to the Heavens
1,531 words, 4 days
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