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Nate_Quinn Fantasy Eastern Harem Romance Reincarnation Action Comedy
Rise of the Cosmic\_Emperor

There are three realms in the multi verse; The Cosmic, the Mortal and the Nether realm.

Hal grew up in the mortal realm with no idea whatsoever of who his parents were.

His love for relics, adventure and the occasional danger would aid him in finding a genie's lamp.

Rubbing a genie's lamp should grant three wishes, but Hal is struck by lightening instead and eventually arrives in the Cosmic realm with a large book in his mind space titled; The Primordial Cosmic Grimiore, that apparently holds all knowledge for a perpetual reign.

And so Hal's journey begins in a little city called Salmon city, in the body of a 17 year old boy also named Hal but was sold into slavery by his own father.

Hal finds out who his mother (prior to reincarnation) whose bloodline now flows unmixed in his new body is....

Join Hal as he battles mortals, Dragons, phoenixes, Gods and many more together with his harem of Beauties for the complete subjugation of the three realms.

Ebook Rise of the Cosmic\_Emperor

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Rise of the Cosmic\_Emperor
875 chapters, 15 days, 3.58 MB
Rise of the Cosmic\_Emperor
875 chapters, 15 days, 4.49 MB
Rise of the Cosmic\_Emperor
875 chapters, 15 days, 5.15 MB
Rise of the Cosmic\_Emperor
875 chapters, 15 days, 2.75 MB
Rise of the Cosmic\_Emperor
875 chapters, 15 days, 16.29 MB
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15 days

chapters: #875 / #875

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Chapter 875 Not All For Selfish Reasons.
1,716 words, 15 days
Chapter 874 Interesting Plan.
1,665 words, 15 days
Chapter 873 Disastrous Crack. Part 1
1,658 words, 15 days
Chapter 872 Reminiscent Scream.
1,585 words, 15 days
Chapter 871 Last-Ditch Effort.
1,632 words, 15 days
Chapter 870 Destined To Be Skewered.
1,649 words, 15 days
Chapter 869 Haron Elders Vs Dystopian Quad.
1,612 words, 15 days
Chapter 868 Select Few...
1,674 words, 15 days
Chapter 867 Perceptive Domain.
1,711 words, 15 days
Chapter 866 Marla Embraces Darkness...
1,601 words, 15 days
Chapter 865 Svetlana Uses Her Pain.
1,678 words, 15 days
Chapter 864 Dainty And Massive Reinforcements.
1,556 words, 15 days
Chapter 863 Nucleus Of Utmost Importance.
1,577 words, 15 days
Chapter 862 Creating A Horde.
1,580 words, 15 days
Chapter 861 Sexual Cultivation Of The Mind. R-18
1,596 words, 15 days
Chapter 860 Unseen Ruckus At A Supposedly Impossible Feat.
1,533 words, 15 days
Chapter 859 Aiming For The Impossible...
1,521 words, 15 days
Chapter 858 A Moment To Be Saved. R-18
1,549 words, 15 days
Chapter 857 The Puzzle Of The Endless Cycle.
1,523 words, 15 days
Chapter 856 Turn.
1,539 words, 15 days


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