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Updating Comedy
I Just Won’t Play By The Book
After the battle, the beautiful senior sister shyly raised her face in front of you and slowly closed her eyes. At this time, you…

[Choice 1: Kiss her lips gently. Reward for completion: Thousand Leaves Wonder (Earth Grade, High Tier)]

[Choice 2: Kiss her on the forehead. Reward: Sword of Yin Yang (Earth Grade, Low Tier)]

[Choice 3: Hug her. Reward: Netherworld Treasure Scales (Black Grade, High Tier)]

[Choice 4: Say it as fast as you can: Senior Sister, what are you doing? Are you trying to seduce me? You’ve only fought with me once and want to be my girlfriend? Are you sure? Ah, do I go too far? But actually, I’ve always treated you as my sister. I’m sorry. Completion reward: Randomly basic attribute points+1]

Eh? The choice this time was too simple. Of course, it was four.

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I Just Won’t Play By The Book
779 chapters, 4 days, 2.78 MB
I Just Won’t Play By The Book
779 chapters, 4 days, 3.73 MB
I Just Won’t Play By The Book
779 chapters, 4 days, 4.26 MB
I Just Won’t Play By The Book
779 chapters, 4 days, 1.85 MB
I Just Won’t Play By The Book
779 chapters, 4 days, 13.32 MB
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4 days

chapters: #779 / #779

Status: stop
Chapter 780: Extreme Excitement
977 words, 4 days
Chapter 779: To the Hero
1,444 words, 4 days
Chapter 778: To the Hero
965 words, 4 days
Chapter 777: This Place Is Quite Bloody
1,521 words, 4 days
Chapter 776: This Place Is Quite Dramatic
953 words, 4 days
Chapter 775: Let the Bullets Fly Faster
1,547 words, 4 days
Chapter 774: Let the Bullets Fly Faster
1,009 words, 4 days
Chapter 773: Complicated
1,563 words, 4 days
Chapter 772: Complicated
1,033 words, 4 days
Chapter 771: Flowing Clouds
1,540 words, 4 days
Chapter 770: Flowing Clouds
997 words, 4 days
Chapter 769: Scalp Numbing
1,497 words, 4 days
Chapter 768: Scalp Numbing
968 words, 4 days
Chapter 767: Let’s Become a Teacher First
1,479 words, 4 days
Chapter 766: Be a Teacher First
964 words, 4 days
Chapter 765: Selection
1,548 words, 4 days
Chapter 764: The Selection
959 words, 4 days
Chapter 763: Beautiful Scenery 2
1,489 words, 4 days
Chapter 762: Beautiful Scenery
1,004 words, 4 days
Chapter 761: Chapter 447: -Not Blessed to Enjoy!_2
1,458 words, 4 days
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